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Bekesy Audiometry

Bekesy Audiometry. It is self-recording audiometry based on sweep and fixed frequency testing, where various pure tone frequencies automatically move from low to high while the patient controls the intensity through a button. Two tracings, one with continuous and the other with the pulsed tone, are obtained. The tracings help to differentiate a cochlear from a retrocochlear and organic from a functional hearing loss. Bekesy audiometry is seldom performed these days.

Various types of tracings obtained are:

  • Type I Continuous and pulsed tracings overlap. Seen in normal hearing or conductive hearing loss.
  • Type II Continuous and pulsed tracings overlap up to 1000 Hz and then continuous tracing falls. Seen in cochlear loss.
  • Type III Continuous tracing falls below pulsed tracing at 100–500 Hz even up to 40–50 dB. Seen in retrocochlear / neural lesion.
  • Type IV Continuous tracing falls below pulsed lesion at frequencies up to 1000 Hz by more than 25 dB. Seen in retrocochlear/ neural lesion.
  • Type V Continuous tracing is above pulsed one. Seen in nonorganic hearing loss.

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Dr. Rahul Kumar Bagla
MS & Fellow Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery.
Associate Professor
GIMS, Greater Noida, India

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