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Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook

Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook

The new digital era is transforming how people learn and read. The otorhinolaryngology field is no exception. Online reading and learning resources are helping, educate medical students, residents, and surgeons day in and day out. Nowadays students prefer online e-learning rather than books. Online e-learning provides simple, direct and clear nature of the content. Learning something extra often boosts careers and knowledge. Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook.

This textbook aims to provide free, world-class teaching and learning resources for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, both nationally and internationally anytime at their fingertip. The information, content and pictures have been obtained from various authentic and highly trusted textbooks. However, these have been acknowledged, edited and compiled for educational and non-commercial use.

Due to rapid advances in life science, any content or information on dosages, procedures or diagnoses should be personally verified. The readers are requested to consult the relevant national drug formulary, drug companies and device manufacturers’ printed instructions, before administering or utilizing anything mentioned in this textbook.

This textbook doesn’t advocate or indicate whether a specific treatment is acceptable or best for a specific individual. The textbook doesn’t advocate any particular surgeon or technique and it’s up to the readers to form their judgements and utilize what they think is acceptable.

Ultimately, it’s the only responsibility of the clinician to form his or her professional judgements to advise and treat patients appropriately. I have also tried to trace the copyright holders of all material reproduced and apologise to copyright holders if permission has not been obtained. If any copyrighted material has not been acknowledged please write and let me know, so we may rectify it in future.

I hope the online textbook will provide an evolutionary platform and fill the need for a contemporary definitive book for students and consultants. I would request readers to email their valuable feedback to

Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook

Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook

Open Letter:

Dear medical students,
With god’s grace, I wish to introduce my Dr. Rahul Bagla’s ENT Textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students for teaching and learning. The textbook provides comprehensive knowledge covering all the essential principles of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.
Authentic and trusted data and knowledge is uploaded. You will find tables, flow charts, diagrams and photos, which are simple, direct, refined and clear and serve to enhance learning.

The content of this textbook is meant to be used for teaching, learning and education purposes for healthcare professionals. The book provides easy access to important information on a particular topic.

The process of learning is truly life-long. I sincerely hope that my book will give benefit to students and readers. I request readers and teachers to send their feedback and suggestions.


Dr. Rahul Bagla ENT Textbook

Dr. Rahul Bagla
MBBS (MAMC, Delhi) MS ENT (UCMS, Delhi)
Fellow Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery.
Designation: Faculty, Associate Professor
Government Institute of Medical Sciences,
Greater Noida, India

Please read. Glomus Tumour.

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