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Recruitment Test

Recruitment test. A sound of a particular intensity becomes abnormally loud and intolerable to the patient. The low magnitude intensity sounds cannot be heard in the affected ear, it begins to hear high intensity sounds as loud or even louder than the normal hearing ear. Recruitment is commonly seen in patients with cochlear dysfunction. Such patients are poor candidates for hearing aids. 

Recruitment test Recruitment test Recruitment test Recruitment test

Alternate binaural loudness balance test is done to detect recruitment in unilateral cases. A tone, say of 1000 Hz, is played alternately to the normal and the affected ear and the intensity in the affected ear is adjusted to match the loudness in the normal ear. The test is started at 20 dB above the threshold of deaf ear and then repeated at every 20 dB rise until the loudness is matched or the limits of audiometer reached. In conductive and neural deafness, the initial difference is maintained throughout while in cochlear lesions, partial, complete or over-recruitment may be seen 

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